The current trend towards a number of new , Innovative ideas taking form of the business presents Relivise Consulting an opportunity for success since every business desires to outsource the legal advisory department to the reputable consulting firm while concentrating more in the core value providing activities.

Mr. Modi’s initiative to “Make In India” has proved attention with the rise in foriegn direct investment in India.Relivise consulting is poised to take advantage of the ever rising quest of raising economic growth by initiating ” Make In India” with its dedicated and experienced staff.

Our services will be executed with a high quality quotient, Informative and tailored to the clients need.

Our marketing strategy will be based mainly on ensuring customer and the service(s) we fulfill. Hence our intention is to make the right legal information available. This will be done through a blog that will ensure that the target clientele is kept informed of the new developments that’s taking place in the Taxation Arena in the form of amended law, case studies and tax planning.

Our Mission / Moto

We intend to assist the businesses and Individuals in the areas of

  • Income tax
  • Excise
  • Service tax
  • Company Law

and get fairly compensated and encouraged for our work and effort. In addition follow ups to ensure satisfaction among the client will be given top priority.

Efforts for Success

  • Timely response to the Queries.
  • Strategic alliances to ensure constant flow of work considering the relative infancy in the market.
  • Latest technology will be used to expedite the process of provisioning of services ensuring hassle free communication to its customers.
  • We intend to take regular evaluations of our marketing strategies and the methods being utilized in providing services and make constant updations and corrections wherever necessary to ensure that we are in line with the objectives.

© Relivise Consulting 2016.


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  1. Hey karan, Its James here from Economics from Exeter. Thank you for your comments on my blog yesterday, they were much appreciated. I might be interested in writing for your blog, but was just wondering if you could tell me more about what the blog is about and what goals you have for it? Thanks James Lindop
    Chat Conversation End

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